I have been asked to put in some details about myself. I am not sure what I can add that I have not already said on my home page. I guess I could tell you my name, age, sex, nationality, profession etc. but apart from the fact that I am fanatic about my privacy on the net, I don’t think any of it really matters. My blog posts might give me away on some of those counts but I am still reticent about sharing my personal life on the net and so I intentionally avoid mentioning names and relations. Thanks for understanding. Thanks also for having a look around and I hope you like what you see.

The Pictures on this blog:

Most of them are mine, some are from C’s collection. However, some of the most beautiful pictures, including the absolute gem on my cover page, are those clicked by my dear friends Tushita and Projjal Roy. To know more about their photography and to check out their photographs, click here.

Any picture which is not mine nor C’s are marked as such and given credit for, including Tushita and Projjal’s pictures.


If you want to get in touch, write to me at 1garamchai@gmail.com


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