Welcome to Ek Garam Chai (A hot cup of tea). I created this blog to talk about all things travel. No two people travel in the same way and we all enjoy different aspects of travelling. While some love to explore ruins and historical monuments, others like spending time shopping, some might enjoy walking around, others love trying out the local transport, some enjoy local food, others enjoy talking to the locals. Ultimately it’s about exploring new cultures and new places but in different ways.

I did not want to make this blog simply about the outdoors and the beautiful sites we visit because what makes up for an unforgettable experience includes much more than just that: its about juggling with foreign languages, the difference in etiquette, the highs and the lows of the transport systems etc.

What I love most about travelling, apart from local cuisine, is meeting local people and striking up impromptu conversations with them. I admit language is often a barrier. What C likes most about travelling is rediscovering history and putting pictures to all the wikipedia info he already knows by heart. Ultimately, it is an escape for both of us from our everyday lives and routine and boredom. We are never happier than when we are travelling and every coming-back-home is always about dreaming of the next place to go to…..

As to why I decided to call it Ek Garam Chai, I guess it is because so far most of my travels have been in India and the one thing that is common to all travels in India is Chai. There is nothing that evokes such a warm feeling of contentedness than when taking a break to rest your tired feet and sipping a hot cup of chai. If you want to know more about what I think on the subject, read my post on this humble drink.

Thanks for dropping by!


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